Metal constructions

SIA Preiss Būve also specialises in the assembling of metal constructions.

The company has extensive experience in the construction of metal frames:

  • Metal frame technical premises and hangers
  • Metal frame industrial buildings
  • Metal frame public buildings

We will prepare the required technical project in respect of the metal constructions, manufacture, supply and assembly of metal constructions in the shortest possible period of time.


Technical premises and hangers built of a metal frame may be assembled easily and quickly, thus significantly saving your time and means.

We offer both model hangers and non-standard solutions for your needs.

Model hangers are the hangers designed based on our experience with the most commonly used dimensions. From the model hangers we offer hangers of the following span with a 6 m step:

  • 12m
  • 18m
  • 24m

Non-standard model hangers have your selected span, height and length. We will do the construction works and prepare all necessary documents for their coordination before the construction and put them into operation for your desired hanger. We will help to design construction most appropriate for your needs.


An industrial building compared to a model hanger is much higher and wider, so the construction becomes more complex, and additional knowledge and skills are necessary for its assembling.

Our company has extensive experience in assembling of the metal frame of industrial buildings. We have participated in several industrial-type projects.


Metal constructions nowadays play an important part in all types of fast assembly constructions. This is the reason why metal constructions are being increasingly used for both public and residential buildings. As an adjustment to the current market, we also offer assembly of the metal constructions of public and multi-storey residential buildings.

We have participated in the metal frame assembling projects of multi-storey residential buildings, drafting all the necessary legal documentation, performing the necessary measurements for quality assurance and complying with deadlines.