Agricultural constructions

The demand for agricultural products has not decreased nowadays, therefore demand for cattle and livestock shelters still exists. Based on market data, we continue our cooperation with farms and help them to satisfy their needs.

The company has extensive experience in construction of livestock and cattle farms.

  • We draft a technical project in cooperation with certified specialists.
  • We prepare the necessary documents for submission to the Rural Support Service.
  • We develop the technological project of the farm, install all equipment and prepare it for use.
  • We construct milking and cooling premises, manure transportation and storage buildings, installing the necessary equipment.

As standard we offer:

Load-bearing constructions- a metal frame on pole foundations, walls – mortared with a height of 1.2-1.5 m, roof – profiled metal sheets. Model hangers developed by us are used as a metal frame. Scraper-type manure transporter with a cable type subtypes allowing effective and qualitative cleaning of manure aisles, with an appropriately set time interval depending on weather and other conditions. Manure is collected in the interim storage where the liquid manure pump is placed with the option to pump it into manure storage construction.

Milking parlour – a milking parlour of the Danish company “SAC”, herringbone type with 60 degree position with automatic removers, washing and other equipment. Milk cooler of the Danish company “RO-KA” with automatic washing, the capacity of the cooler is selected based on the productivity indicators of cows. Milking, cooling premises, office, and dressing rooms may be located within a farm or in an annex.