Project Description

Plastic Coated Wire


The Fusion Bonded Wire of Betafence has a very long lifetime even when used in an environment with extreme temperatures.

General Use

Fusion Bonded wire is a high quality product due to the special way the PVC is bonded to the standard galvanised core wire by means of a primary varnish. This adhesion of the PVC to the wire allows it to be used in applications without breaking or deformation of the PVC layer. Due to this typical feature, Fusion Fusion Bonded wire can be used in environments with extreme temperatures without damaging the PVC..


High quality of coating

Wide range of possible colors

Wide range of standard wire diameters

Widely applicable

Quality assurance (EN ISO 9001: 2000)

Can be used in environments with extreme temperatures


Fusion Bonded wire is mainly used as basic material for the production of chain link fences.


The product requires low carbon PVC coated steel wire.

The PVC is fused to the zinc coated wire.

The PVC coating is hereinafter designated as FUBO (Fusion bonded).

The Zinc slabs used for galvanising are of minimum 99,5% pure zinc.

The PVC is compounded to have a full dispersement of pigments, stabilizer and other components.

The PVC is free of lead and cadmium.

The processing and the composition are at the manufacturer’s discretion.

Wire diameters and tolerances

The outer, or PVC coated, diameter is normally the core diameter +0,5 mm.

Some very common diameters are summarised in the table below.

Other diameters, between 1,40/1,80 mm and 5,00/6,00 mm are possible in agreement between
buyer and seller.

Following colours are available: green, white, black, blue and grey. Other colours on request.

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