Project Description

Sliding, double leaf

Specialists say:

“Floors and doors are 2 of the most exploited industrial elements. Their implementation should come from professionals with extensive knowledge and experience”

Freezeng conditionas are one of the most demanding for all devices that have to work in it.

Our 2-leafs sliding freezer doors are prepared to work in the toughest conditions. They effectively work for thousands of our customers each year and ensure good reputation for our doors and other products.



Sliding double leaf doors for freezer room are designed for a temperature betwen -45 and –5 C. We have to offer a lot of heated frames and door leafs variants, dedicated to different walls, shapes of door niches, space available and cutomers prefferences. Each freezer door has heated frame and threshold that protects the gasket from freezing. What is more, we added a special thermostate that regulates the temperature also in cases when the freezer does not work. Each door is individually designed in order to ensure durability and a nice job for many years. Each door has its own unique serial number.

Double leaf freezer door has additional double gasket and heated profile betwenn door leafs.

Can be made of: stainless steel, zinc coated galvanized steel 0.8 mm or 0.75 mm. The thickness of the door panel is 100mm, 120mm or 150mm The dor leafs can be made as inside frame or saving space half frame construction. Door panels (stainless steel) are welded in the corners, all constructon is a top hygenic standard  design and produced ​​with great care. All construction elements inside the door leaf are also made from stainless stell what means, that out product is produced from best quality materials.

Each freezer door is equiped with double special two-component gasket installed in special plastic profile. This solution eliminates the thermal bridge of the door leaf and guarantees tightness.



Probably as the only special door producer we posses the technology of steel round and strip mazeration. This gives huge flexibility in offering aesthetic and practical solutions for our customers in any time.

dr-ar drzwi1 ski
round mazeration line mazeration smooth steel  brushed steel


raczka-d d_do_mrozni3

Internal and external handle

SLIDING RAIL:  100% Stainless steel clasiical with cover or stainless steel pipe rail

LOCKS (optional):  Classical lock, safe lock, opposite side lock


We have in our offer countless types of frames that can fit all walls and wall constructions in food processing plants. We reccomend our special construction of very strong angle frame or cost-effective solution – one side frame. For special door niches or customer needs we have block frames.


FREEZER DOORS sliding, double leaf – optional equipment

drzwi2i Glass window in stainless steel frame
d_do_mrozni2 Safe lock
zamek_bezpieczny-m Safe lock
Opposite side lock
Motor drive for sliding doors
Flat door bumper
prog_chlodniczy Stainless steel threshold
panel-i Wall or sandwich panel cover
03_mur_ocieplenie Wide frame for door niche with styrofoam on sides.

We offer several types of frames used depending on the assembly possibilities.  Each frame is equipped with a special acid-strengthening to ensure rigidity and durability.
Freezer frame are heated (heater power depending on conditions) and equipped with thermostat that protects from overheating when the freezer does not work in any moment. Optionally, it is possible to use a cheaper overlay one side frame. Each frame is filled with polyurethane foam.
The frame is integrated with an acid-resistant, heated thresholed (installd equally to the floor level).
Optionally, instead of heated threshold we can heat the bottom of the door  leaf.

Wider frame used for brick wall niches with styrofoam on sides.


Angle frame installed on sandwich panel with an optional panel cover.


Block frame,

The draw presents classical frame for chiller door without heating, installation on brick wall.

Classical sliding rail

Classical sliding rail – Standard system, refining over the years design, made ​​entirely of stainless steel. Classical sliding rail has the cover made of the same material as the door leaf. Polyethylene rollers are specially designed to provide quiet operation and durability of the door. When the door is closed, they go down to the threshold and tighten the frame.

FREEZER DOORS sliding, double leaf classical sliding rail – technical characteristics