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Optima Lift table AX

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Hymo AX Lift Tables is available with lifting capacities up to 2000 kg and a stroke of 800 mm. HYMO AX equipped with fork entry base frame (optional accessory) becomes a flexible solution when the movement of the lift between sites, without the load, is required. Hymo AX is an ideal choice. Hymo AX is a perfect solution to overcome level differences in assembly, storage handling and packing applications. Hymo AX provides the operator with an ergonomic working position. Hymo AX Lift Table can be customised for specific applications to ensure optimal performance. Built-in features such as hydraulic powerpack and control box are available in a range of specifications and single-phase operation is available on certain models.


Capacitiy: 500 – 2000 kg Lift travel: 800 mm Platform length: 1200 – 1350 mm Platform width: 800 mm