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Maxima Lift table DX

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Hymo DX Lift Tables represent the high-capacity end of the Hymo range offering lifting capacities from 3 to 10 tons. In tandem format – type DXT – two synchronised tables fixed in line increase the total capacity to between 4 and 20 tons and the joint platform is increased proportionately in size. This makes Hymo DX lift tables – in singel or tandem format – often the clear solution for applications with high capacity demands and where some degree of customisation is required. Hymo DX tables are used extensively in materials flow and manufacturing systems, for example in heavy board/sheet feeding and stacking, and coil and reel handling. They are an integral part of production lines – in industries such as automotive manufacturing – and other production-critical process lines. These lift tables also serve as complete loading platforms and as in-plant lifts between floor levels.


Single unit Capacitiy: 3000 – 10000 kg Lift travel: 1300 – 2000 mm Platform length: 2600 – 3100 mm Platform width: 1200 – 2000 mm Tandem unit Capacitiy: 4000 – 20000 kg Lift travel: 1650 – 2000 mm Platform length: 5000 – 6000 mm Platform width: 1200 – 1800 m