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Crawford LH6080L heavy duty stand alone loadhouse

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The Crawford LH6080L heavy duty stand alone loadhouse is an independent loading system, containing all the relevant components: leveller, shelter and door.

Together with the Autodock bottom platform and an insulated or non insulated cladding house, a complete, stand-alone dock loading system is formed. Placed outside the door opening of a warehouse or terminal, the operator will gain inside space advantages compared to a conventional, inside docking installation in new as well as in existing buildings without any major building modifications. Due to the thermal separation between building and docking unit, the Load House can be used in temperature controlled applications.

The Crawford LH6080L is the heavy duty version of the new generation of load houses, especially developed to meet all requirements of architects, builders and operators. It is suitable for all geographical areas with snow load up to 2,0 kN/m² and our static calculations are  certified by a third party. The Crawford LH6080L is the safe and reliable choice including ideal support for the construction planning and building permission process.

Same storage area, smaller building

The load house makes it possible to move the actual loading and unloading area outside the building and thereby releasing the corresponding floor area inside.

Better insulation

The Crawford LH6080L heavy duty stand alone loadhouse also forms a protective barrier between building and vehicle, contributing to energy savings and an improved working environment. Dock levellers and shelters can be integrated with the load house, together forming a complete Autodock®system.

Cheaper construction

As there is no need for complicated concrete pit construction the total cost of the building is reduced.

Technical specifications

Technical Data

Normal length1

2000, 2450, 3000 mm
Normal width1 3300, 3500, 3600, 3750 mm
Thickness of insulation 40 mm
Thickness of material

0,6 mm profiled steel sheet

Surface treatment hot dip galvanised
Basic wind load 0,84 kN/m2
Basic snow load 2,00 kN/m2
Accumulated snow load 3,50 kN/m2
1) Other sizes on request