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Crawford DS6060A curtain dock shelter aluminium

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The Crawford DS6060A curtain dock shelter aluminium is a curtain dock shelter which is the standard solution for energy saving oriented operators. It is equipped with a weight reducing aluminium frame. The vehicle reverses into the Crawford DS6060A curtain dock shelter aluminium which seals it off with flexible side and top curtains, giving weather protection during the loading and unloading process.

The result is an improved working environ ment and goods protection. The curtain material has a very high wear and tear resistance. The Crawford curtain dock shelter programme comprises a  number of models, meeting all customer demands and suitable for a wide range of vehicle sizes.

Should a vehicle deviate from the dock-in centreline and hit the shelter frame, built-in springs allow the shelter to follow the movement without being damaged. Its flexibility and high wear and tear resistance, in combination with a high priceperformance ratio, contribute to the fact that the vast majority of all European loading bays are equipped with this standard dock shelter!

Unique fixation of front curtains to frame

Unlike conventional mechanical dock shelters, the front curtains of the Crawford DS6060A curtain dock shelter aluminium are fixed to the front frames with steel balls. The steel balls hold the fabric in place inside the frame in a flexible way allowing movement during impact from trucks. The result is that the tear resistance of the fabric is increased and breaking points are avoided. This solution is based on factory made holes in the fabric versus holes made by screws or nits.

High focus on the environment

All Crawford mechanical dock shelters can be equipped with a number of standard options for improved working conditions and less draught into the building. See technical specifications for more detailed information.

Technical specifications

Technical Data

Normal height

3200, 3400, 3600 mm
Nominal width 3250, 3450 mm
Normal depth 600, 900 mm
Top curtain

1000, 1200 mm

Side curtain 600, 700 mm
Curtain colour black
Parking guides white, yellow
Wall fixings concrete, sandwitch,
light concrete, Loadhouse, cavity,
insulated panel
Top and side curtains double layer high quality polyester
Control unit standard truck / city
van mode Impulse auto
button. Optional with
door operation
Thickness 3,0 mm
Weight Approx. 3400 g/m²
Continuous roof cover one layer high quality polyester
Thickness 0,5 mm
Weight Approx. 680 g/m²
Flammability all
DIN 75200