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Crawford DL6020TI teledock isodock

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Unbroken temperature chains in storage, loading and transportation are vital. In addition, big temperature differences between the inside and outside of a cold storage facility might create costly energy losses during loading and unloading. The Crawford DL6020TI teledock isodock has been designed to cope with such demands. Studies made by the Institute of Thermodynamics at Hanover University show that, compared to conventional docking systems, energy savings of up to 75 percent are created.

Unlike conventional docking systems, the Crawford DL6020TI teledock isodock leveller is placed behind a well insulated sectional door. It is also hermetically sealed off from below, preventing cold or hot air access.

Besides that, the Crawford DL6020TI teledock isodock is designed in such a way that impact forces from docking vehicles are absorbed by the building floor. The frost-proof foundation is separated from the building floor just by a gap for housing the sectional door – not as a separate building construction. Complicated building arrangements can be avoided.

Instant installation

The Crawford DL6020TI teledock isodock is delivered as a premounted, ready-to-install unit – including the bottom insulation panel. The unit is simply lifted into the prepared pit.

Crawford 950 series – the intelligent, all in one, docking control system

The innovative and unique 950 series docking control system gives you direct control of the dock leveller, dock shelter and door all in one control unit. With only a few self explaining buttons it is easy to operate, to meet the demands of modern logistics. Separate steering units or complex wiring are no longer needed.


Technical specifications

Technical Data

Nominal length1 2000, 2450, 3000, mm
Nominal width 2000, 2200 mm
Load capacity 60 kN (6 tonnes)
Vertical working range
Rise above dock
Fall below dock

up to 520 mm
down to 460 mm

Platform tear-plate thickness 8/10 mm
Max. point load
leveller platform
6,5 N / mm²
(8 mm tear plate)
Insulation thickness 40 mm
Lip material & length steel or aluminium, 1000 mm
Lip option tapered lip / Retracting tongues
Control unit protection class IP 54
Temperature range hydraulic oil -20°C – +60°C
Magnetic valves 24 V / DC 18W S1
Nominal voltage 400V 3-phase
Nominal motor power 1,5 kW
European standard EN 1398 Dock levellers