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Crawford DL6011S swingdock 100

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The Crawford DL6011S swingdock 100 is a heavy duty dock leveller with a load capacity of 100 kN.
The swing lip of the Crawford DL6011S swingdock 100 safely bridges the gap between the ramp and the vehicle bed.

To enable a safe and efficient process for loading and unloading, the Crawford DL6011S swingdock 100 connects the building with the vehicle. The result is highest safety for the transfer of goods, avoiding injuries to the personal or damages to the equipment. It is a time saving solution securing shortest possible ways in and out of the warehouse.

The Crawford DL6011S swingdock 100:

  • Preventive maintenance is easy and fast to secure functionality and avoid downtimes.
  • Bent swing lip prevents material handling equipment from “grounding out”.
  • Robust and reliable construction to guarantee high performance during the tough handling of high loads.

Complete docking solution by Crawford
For the optimal working environment the Crawford DL6011S swingdock 100 is installed as a part of the complete loading bay consisting of a dock leveller, an overhead sectional door and a dock shelter.

Crawford 950 series – the intelligent, all in one, docking control system
The innovative and unique 950 series docking control system gives you direct control of the dock leveller, dock shelter and door all in one control unit. With only a few self explaining buttons it is easy to operate, to meet the demands of modern logistics. Separate steering units or complex wiring are no longer needed.


Technical specifications

Technical Data

Nominal length1 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000 mm
Nominal width 2000, 2200 mm
Load capacity 100 kN (10 tonnes)
Vertical working range
Rise above dock
Fall below dock

up to 430 mm
down to 320 mm

Platform tear-plate thickness 8/10 mm
Max. point load
leveller platform
6,5 N / mm²
(8 mm tear plate)
Control unit protection class IP 54
Temperature range hydraulic oil -20°C – +60°C
Magnetic valves 24 V / DC 18W S1
Nominal voltage 400V 3-phase
230V 3-phase
Nominal motor power 0,75 kW
European standard EN 1398 Dock levellers
1) Other sizes on request