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Crawford DE6090TL truck lock

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Restraint system connecting the trailer to the building

The Crawford DE6090TL truck lock is a manual trailer restraint system that helps prevent accidents and injuries at the loading bay. During the loading operation there is a risk that the trailer can roll away unintentionally from the dock due to the impact of the forklift truck traffic, a problem known as vehicle creep.

The Crawford DE6090TL truck lock is the ideal solution to counter this risk. The truck lock is a new revolutionary product that sets a new safety standard in the industry. This allows the restraint of the trailer to be achieved from the inside of the loadhouse without any equipment being installed in the yard. With this solution there is no obstacle on the yard which minimizes the risk of damages and injuries. Life endangering situations with people outside activating conventional wheel chocks or other devices are eliminated.

In the loading industry the challenges around safety are becoming more and more important. Growing demands from Work Bodies and Insurance Companies generate a certain pressure on the operators to focus on safe work places. The Crawford DE6090TL truck lock is the unique answer to all these aspects.


  • Prevents trailers from rolling away during loading.
  • Creates safe working conditions, avoiding injuries, damages and interruptions in the flow
  • With this safety device there is no obstacle on the yard
  • As the operation is inside the load house, life endangering situations with people outside in the driving area of trailers are avoided
  • Fulfils the growing demands from Work Safety Bodies
  • Is a reliable restrainer, even in icy and snowy conditions
  • Warns drivers before reaching breaking point
  • Has an extremely rugged strap that is difficult to break
  • Is easily operated by one person
  • Red/Green signal gives clear guidance to the operator
  • Solid design with long lifetime at low operational cost (as well as low maintenance cost)

Technical specifications

Technical Data

Base plate

galvanized steel

Cover back part

painted blue RAL 5010

Cover front part and roller house

painted gray RAL 9006

Edge protection

stainless steel

Breaking point (max. restraining point)


Warning signal

siren sounds and flashing red signal
at 12kN tensioning force

Siren 105 dBA
Power supply 24 V DC, 100mA
Electronic feature interlocking of the dock leveller control box