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Albany HS9030GAT

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The Albany HS9030GAT is a compact, airtight door with integrated motor suitable for cleanroom environments. The door offers perfect sealing thanks to a unique design. The Albany HS9030GAT requires very little space, and it is the most space-efficient high speed door available in the market.

High speed operation

Up to 2.7 m/s depending on size.

Break-away and self-repairing without intervention
The curtain reintroduces itself automatically after a crash to reduce production downtime and maintenance.

User safety

The absence of stiffeners combined with a flexible curtain that moulds itself protects users.

Advanced motor

Exceptional reliability and smooth operation is ensured by a motor driven by a frequency inverter. This technology ensures a soft start and stop, which increases the longevity of the motor considerably. It also allows faster opening/closing speed. You benefit from reliable operations around-the clock.

Minimum space required

The motor, installed inside the drum, reduces the required space to a minimum.

Conforms to EN13241-1