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Albany HS9030G

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The Albany HS9030G is designed for interior applications where sealing, aesthetics and space-limitations are important. With its modern design, the Albany HS9030G is most space-efficient model available in the market. The reduced door footprint on both sides of the door opening gives you approximately 300mm more selling space when compared to other doors. The Albany HS9030G offers perfect sealing thanks to a unique design. The operating speed combined with its sealing properties improves your traffic flow, provides employee comfort and saves energy.

Break-away and self-repairing without intervention

The curtain reintroduces itself automatically after a crash to reduce production downtime and maintenance.

User safety

The absence of stiffeners combined with a flexible curtain that moulds itself protects users.

Advanced motor

Exceptional reliability and smooth operation is ensured by a motor driven by a frequency inverter. This technology ensures a soft start and stop, which increases the longevity of the motor considerably. It also allows faster opening/closing speed. You benefit from reliable operations around-the clock.

Minimum space required

The motor, installed inside the drum, reduces the required space to a minimum.

Conforms to EN13241-1